policy of foujita lab.







foujita lab. is a laboratory studying on architectural history in Tokyo Institute of Technology, established in August 2015. in the beginning of the academic year 2019-2020, we are composed of 2 doctoral student, 6 for master course (1 is foreign students), 1 in exchange programme and 1 post doctoral staffs.

For making progress in your thesis, any themes which are attractive for you will be accepted, as far as they are in framework of architectural or urban history.  You are required to persuade me eagerly to share your own interest on the theme. I hope we find new visions to understand architecture and cities.

If you intend to apply to foujita lab., firstly please send me an e-mail message [fujita(at)m.titech.ac.jp](please put @ instead of (at) when sending).  I strongly recommend to come to the lab. to grasp its atmosphere and my personality. The compatibility with them is important for your fruitful life in university, more than you expect. It is recommended to attach a brief proposal for your thesis.

Foujita studies on mediaeval Christian architecture in Caucasus and its surroundings, as well as on architectural and urban history in Japan and in Asia, during modern times. We have started studies for conservation and utilization of historical townscape and its buildings .